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1. My favorite pets are kittens

2. My favorite things to eat are foods with beef

3. My favorite band of all time is DBSK

4. Ive seen all 5 of the dbsk members in real life, but not together (jyj/tvxq)

5. Im a huge TeamB/ikon fan

6. I think BtoB and DGNA/The Boss are the most underrated kpop groups and deserve so much more attention then they are getting

7. I prefer candy over chocolate

8. I like strawberries and chocolate but i hate chocolate strawberries 

9. I’m an Arab American 

10. I’m an Engineering student

11. My favorite Korean actor is Lee Jongsuk

12. I’ve held a tarantula before

13. I hate physics class with a passion

14. I preffer Samsung »»> Apple

15. I’m pretty good at cooking

16. I love art and I’m fairly good at painting and drawing (ask if you want to see some of my work)

17. BigBang was my first kpop group

18. “I Believe” was my first DBSK song 

19. Fashion is my thang

20. I Muslim and proud

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20 facts about myself Tagged by alwayskeepthefaitha 1. I’m bilingual 2. I want to be able to speak alot of different languages 3.I used to make fun of korean dramas ( but look at me now) 4. OT5 DBSK IS LIFE 5. I would try almost anything once 6.BEYONCE IS BAE 7.I never make sense 8.I always have trouble conveying my feelings afraid of heights ( but I like roller coasters and I want to bungee jump/sky dive 10. I get distracted easily 11. Im akward 12. I like to read ( smutt, violence and tragedies are my kryptonite) yes im into the morbid stuff 13. Im a bit of a potty mouth ( but im trying to change that because it limits my vocabulary) 14. I over thing everything which leads to me getting upset easily. 15. Im the oldest child of my siblings 16. I share a YouTube account with my friend brighteststars1984 lol try to find us on youtube we make video reactions 17.when I was two my grandma fell asleep and dropped me, then I slipped and cut my tongue in half but thankfully its healed 😣 18. Im scared of cats/kittens 19. If I could change anything about myself I would change my childhood 20. I can never stay still. Tagging 2pshinki brighteststars1984 eopseoyo mumiin beeswaxing
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